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Genome Technology Consultants Relationship with Cisco, Fortinet, Dell etc.

Genome, brings you an array of end to end solutions for a highly secured network from the leading solution providers like Cisco, Dell, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Juniper etc.

Enterprise security solutions Dubai


How safe is your Business?
Have you ever pictured a scenario where your business information is hacked?
How much time would you lose if your network got hacked?

The growing trends towards mobility & cloud computing are opening multiple access points into your Network, making it highly vulnerable & requiring security to be “baked into” infrastructure. For any organization, their data is the most critical asset, which if compromised, may cause severe financial & operational implications, making it imperative for organization’s security strategy to adapt to face new threats. Securing & preserving data, providing a stable technological infrastructure is of prime importance for any business.

Internet of Everything is bringing millions of new threats online, penetrating into the network by infecting an employee’s smartphone, a factory floor device or may be point of sale system.



  • Network Defense – Next Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System
  • Discovery – Endpoint Discovery, Continuous Monitoring
  • Policy Enforcement – Network Access Control, Security Policy Enforcement
  • Protection – Web and Email Security, Endpoint and Data Protection, Secure VPN Access

Our strength lies in helping you map uncertainties, identify vulnerabilities & provide solutions to enable implementation of a strong secured network. A comprehensive network assessment is done for the organization prior to selecting any solution which includes:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compliance assessment review and management
  • Security/risk assessments
  • Secure architecture/design Mobile Security Data Center
  • BYOD
  • MDM

Take control, contact us and let’s proactively mitigate risks & build a strong infrastructre.

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