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Genome Technology Consultants Relationship with Juniper Networks.

Genome Technology Consultants Dubai, UAE. We are leading the charge to architect the new network in Middle East with hand in hand partnership with Juniper Networks. We promise to transform the economics and experience of networking for our customers.

Juniper network dubai
We offer a high-performance network infrastructure built on simplicity, security, openness, and scale. Juniper products help Genome Technology Consultants innovate in ways that empower our customers and ultimately everyone in a connected world.

Juniper Networks Product Features

Juniper Networks Product Line


Juniper Networks Products - Routers
Juniper Networks’ comprehensive, scalable, and secure routing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of both enterprise and service providers. All of Juniper Networks routers – core, multi-service edge, and carrier Ethernet – run on one common operating system – Junos.


Juniper Networks Products - Switches
Juniper Networks’ ethernet switching solutions improve the economics of networking by building carrier-class, high density hardware that reduces operational and capital expenses for batch, campus, and data center network environment.

Application Accelerator

Juniper Networks Products - Application Accelerator
Juniper Networks Junos Pulse Application Acceleration Service, in conjunction with the MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways and WXC Series Application Acceleration Platforms, improves application response times by delivering a more LAN-like experience for mobile, remote, and branch offices users, when accessing application and services in the data center or cloud, enhancing usability and increasing productivity.

Identity and Policy Control

Juniper Networks Products - Identity and Policy
Juniper Networks’ identity and policy control solution integrates subscriber privileges, application requirements, and business policies within the IP network infrastructure. The result is improved end-user experience, enhanced security, and reduced operational costs.

Network Management

Juniper Networks Products - Network Management
Juniper Networks offers unified control of routing switching, and security devices, Provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting are automated over the full device lifecycle, enhancing security and improving efficiency and total cost.

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